Your Name Movie Telugu Dub By Anime Telugu Team


Two teenagers share a profound, magical connection upon discovering they are swapping bodies. Things manage to become even more complicated when the boy and girl decide to meet in person.
Initial release: 26 August 2016 (Japan)
Director: Makoto Shinkai
Japanese: 君の名は。
Adapted from: Your Name
Cast: Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Aoi Yūki, MORE

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  1. Bro can you compress the file size😐😐😐😐

  2. ఇదీ చేయడానికి రైట్స్ తీసుకున్నావ
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  3. ఇదీ చేయడానికి రైట్స్ తీసుకునవ
    Thisukunakapothe danger

  4. Your name dubbing is wow fantastic i love it 😎😍

  5. Your name movie is too good😍.Asalu mind block ayipoyindi dub chusi.
    Thank you so much for your team.Awesome work bro😍
    Please make more dubs for gaining more fans and popularity😀.I will share this to my friends from my end😎👍

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  8. Bro do more and more we support you

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  10. Actually Nenu inka series chudaledu I am a big fan of anime ekkada andari comments chusi I am very excited movie chuda taniki & naa excitement ni meeru 100% reach avtaaru ani anukuntunna wish u all the best ❤️😍 By A 9th Class Girl 🤗😉🤫

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